Slim Christmas Tree: Candy Drops From Christmas Tree, Candy Stains and More!

Posted December 29, 2018 12:00:54 -0 Subscribe to this blog for more time-lapse videos!Christmas Tree in the Woods Posted December 28, 2018 09:57:31 -0 Christmas tree, a little tree, candy, and more.Posted December 27, 2018 15:50:30 -0 You’ll need an HTML5 capable browser to see this content.Play Replay with sound Play with →Read more

When to Use Botox on Your Face

Posted February 05, 2019 08:18:16The time to use Botox in the face is when you’re already tired, stressed out or just really sick, according to a new study from the Mayo Clinic.The Mayo Clinic’s Botox Research Group is offering a free consultation online on Monday to help you determine whether Botox is the right thing […] →Read more

How to Get a Slim Fit with Candy Slick Licker Candy

We all know candy canes suck, but sometimes they can be downright sexy.If you’re into candy caning, here’s how to get a slim fit without wearing a size 11 bra.The trick?You can just slip candy canies on your arms, legs, or thighs, which makes them look like you’re slimmer than you really are.If that’s not […] →Read more

Which of these are the best burgers in the world?

In the past year, many burger restaurants have gone through drastic changes and pivots to focus on the freshest ingredients.But the trend isn’t limited to the U.S., and it seems that many other countries have embraced the same trend.In a recent survey, The New York Times reported that restaurants in India and South Korea were […] →Read more

How to watch the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie from the comfort of your living room

The SpongeBob universe has been the stuff of movie dreams since 2005, when the animated cartoon debuted.Now that the SpongeBob films are being remastered and available to stream on Netflix and other streaming services, the internet is awash in SpongeBob-related memes, GIFs and videos.This week, The Washington D.C. bureau of The Washington Times analyzed a […] →Read more

What to know about the yeti and its new habitat in the Great Barrier Reef

It’s a species that has become so popular in the past few years that the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is now asking people to send in photos and video of themselves snapping photos of yeti wildlife, the official Twitter account for the state’s Department of Natural Resources announced today.But the official account didn’t […] →Read more

How to Make Slim Leg Workout: Eminem Slim Shade

When you’re at home with your slimes in your pocket and you get the urge to stretch, don’t hesitate to try this workout.This is not just a fitness program, but a recipe for eating slimes.Slimes have a high fat content and when combined with protein powders, a few ounces of these slim legs can help […] →Read more

The best Minecraft hacks available right now, according to Polygon

The world’s most popular Minecraft mod has a new addition: a free Minecraft server.The mod is called Slime Minecraft, and it’s a little over a year old.It’s a small and humble mod, but it has a huge potential.Slime Mine, which is still in beta, is one of the best Minecraft mods available right right now.And […] →Read more

Supreme Court to hear Taurus 769 lawsuit

Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Gujarat High Court to consider the issue of the Gujarat Police’s decision to charge an employee of a mobile phone firm for selling fake mobile phones on the black market.The High Court had asked the court to examine the matter as a matter of urgency.In February last year, the […] →Read more

When it comes to making a trash bin, this slime chunk finders slims down to a single unit

Business Insider reader review A few years ago, when we were researching this article, we were surprised to find a lot of information on how to make trash bags and other recyclables from slime.You can find a ton of information online, but there are so many different recipes for slime bags, that it’s impossible to […] →Read more