Why you should buy these little slime molds

It’s hard to tell the difference between these little plastic slime moulds and the real thing when you first see them.

They’re not only cute, but they also taste good.

When we first saw the little slime mould, it was just an ordinary little blob.

It wasn’t a monster or a monster-sized creature, it wasn’t even a real slime.

But the little plastic mold that had come to be known as ‘cute slime’ was not only made with the right ingredients, but it was also an excellent food to cook with.

And now we know why.

The little slime mold is a fungus that grows on plant material, such as plants, leaves and bark, to feed itself on.

It eats a lot of bacteria that live in these plant material.

These bacteria break down the plant material into tiny particles that can then be used to make the little mold.

“You can use these tiny particles to make a paste that you can eat and to make cheese,” said Dr Amy Gaudiano, an assistant professor of entomology at the University of Queensland.

She said the slime mold could also be used for cooking.

You can also make it into a gel that you use to make crepes or mousse and then you can use it to make other things like candy or chocolate.

Because the slime mould lives on plants, it can also live for up to a year on the same plant material without decomposing.

While the slime is an important food source for many species, the fungi have also been implicated in the spread of fungal disease, such in the past it has been linked to the H5N1 pandemic.

Dr Gaudiani said it was important to have good sanitation practices when cooking with the slime.

“If you cook with a product like this, you’re really going to need to wash the utensils and surfaces to ensure that the product isn’t contaminated,” she said.

“And we’ve seen the slime moths and fungi are very opportunistic.

They will feed on anything that they can find.”

The Australian Research Council’s report, Food Safety for Kids, said slime mites were a major food source that were being overlooked in Australia.

Professor Gaudiola said the most important thing was to cook and eat responsibly.

To get a better idea of what it would taste like when you use a little slime for food, we contacted the Australian National University.

They have just published a short video showing how a little one can make a little sauce.

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