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Elmer’s® Glue Slime recipe, a quick and easy way to add glue to your sewing project.

It is great for any sewing project where you don’t want to use glue, but you want to add a bit of color to your finished product.

The recipe has a thin layer of glue on the top, and a thick layer on the bottom, so you can add more or less glue to the fabric as needed.

It’s easy to follow.

Add one to two tablespoons of glue to a sheet of fabric, fold the fabric, then use a rolling pin to press the glue into the fabric.

When you are finished, you will have a beautiful finished project.

I added a bit more of glue in the middle, but it was too thin.

Use the thinner layer to create a strip of fabric to stitch on top of your sewing.

Make a second strip of stitching, and use the glue to glue it to the previous strip of stitches.

You can also add a second layer of thin glue to one side of the fabric before sewing the top layer, and the glue on one side will make the top and bottom strips look like two strips.