‘A new class of super-smart slime’: Researchers have created a slime that can store energy in tiny crystals to power up laptops and other devices with a little more power than traditional batteries.

SlimDesk is an ultra-thin, flexible platform that enables the creation of slim, flexible screens that are thinner than a human hair, and can be used to store energy.

The slimDesk is used to power laptops and monitors that are just 2mm thick.

It has a microcontroller built into its body that can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet.

When it is not powering up devices, the slimDesk stores energy in the crystals and can power up to 20 different devices.

This can be a great energy source for laptops or other devices that are powered by batteries, which are usually expensive and often unreliable.

However, it is important to remember that the SlimDesk can also be used as a battery backup.

As the company’s website explains, the Slim Desk is powered by an internal battery, which can be replaced in a few minutes.

It can be rechargeable with a small USB cable.

When a battery is needed, the battery is removed from the Slim desk and the screen is used as an external battery.

As a result, it can recharge a laptop in just five minutes.

The company has also released a Kickstarter campaign for the Slimdesk, which asks for $1,000 to get the device into production.

The SlimDesk prototype that SlimDesk has created.

The Kickstarter campaign will fund a team of 10 people to design, manufacture, test and prototype the SlimDesk, while also supporting its crowdfunding campaign, which will begin on October 12.

The crowdfunding campaign has already raised $6,000, and will launch in December.

The funding goal of $1 million will help make the SlimDeck a reality, which means SlimDesk could become available for anyone who wants to use it for energy storage.

The project is also seeking funding for a commercial version, which would also use the Slimdeck for power, but would be much lighter, and could be carried on a backpack or even a motorcycle.