How to deal with a mother who’s super slimmer than a momo

A mother of two toddlers, momo is one of the rare celebrities who has never held a job, had a baby, or been out of the limelight.

And, she’s one of those rare women who are getting some serious attention for her own beauty.

We caught up with the momo, who has already amassed more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and is the latest in a long line of celebrities to make the leap into the industry.

What made you want to go into the modeling business?

I just wanted to be the most beautiful mother that you can imagine.

I want to look as good as I do, and I know my husband will look just as good too.

What’s it like being momo?

I’m not sure exactly what to call myself.

I’m just an everyday mom.

My husband is also my biggest fan, so I get a lot of his love.

What makes me unique is that I’ve never had a job.

It’s like I have two lives.

I just love modeling.

I just want to show everyone I can do anything and I’m not afraid to challenge myself.

How much do you do on your own?

I spend all day doing my job and I don’t even think about it.

I do things on my own.

Do you have a favourite Instagram feed?

I like my own feed.

I like doing photos and videos, and that’s really it.

What does it mean to you that you have more followers than your husband?

My husband’s favourite Instagram is @matthewschmidt, which I also like a lot.

That’s how I can show my friends I’m happy, because they’ll be like, “Oh, that’s great!”

What’s your favourite model?

I think it’s Kylie Jenner.

I think Kylie has a lot to offer in the modeling world.

I really like her work ethic and she really shows how she makes her money.

What advice would you give your mom?

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

You have to be confident.

I have a lot more confidence now that I’m an adult.

I know what I’m capable of and I think that’s why I’ve done so well.

Do what you love.

I love doing videos and Instagrams, but I’m more comfortable in my own skin.

Do you feel comfortable enough in your own skin to go public?


I mean, I can go on Instagram at night and do whatever I want.

I don:t have to go anywhere and my husband won’t see me because he doesn’t know me.

I can be myself without my husband, so that’s what I really want.

I’m still learning.

I would never let my son watch me do anything, and he will see what I am capable of doing.

I can be me, but not a very good one.

Do I have to say I’m fat?

No, not at all.

What are your favourite quotes?

I don’t want to say any bad things, but if you can’t say anything positive about yourself, I hope you’ll just listen to what I have for you.

I am not ashamed of who I am.

My mother is proud of me.

I feel comfortable and I hope people can be proud of who they are.

I think the world is going to be a better place for everyone when we have more people like momo.

How would you describe your career so far?

I have been working on models for over a year now, and this year has been the best year for me.

My family is loving me and I have the opportunity to go to a lot places in the world, which is something I have never had before.

I hope that everyone will have a great year.

I never had that in my life.

What’s the one thing you’d like to say to people you haven’t met yet?

I’d like people to know that I have such a beautiful and amazing family and I really enjoy spending time with them.

My son is 14 now, so it’s like he’s going to school and having friends with him.

My kids are amazing.

What would you say to someone who knows you?

Just say, “Hey, I’m momo.”

And don’t worry about anything.