3.5mm HDMI cable to upgrade your smart home device

Slim storage cabinet has gotten a boost in size with a 3.0mm HDMI cord to help you upgrade your device to a larger form factor.

The Slim 4×3 HDMI cable is currently available for $12.99 on Amazon and can be bought for $11.99 via Walmart.

It has a 2.8mm male plug and is compatible with most smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

The Slim 3×3 cord is also compatible with Apple products like the iPhone 6, iPad Pro, and Apple Watch.

These cables are not compatible with Amazon’s Echo speaker, however.

If you are a gadget geek, you may remember that Apple introduced a new version of its smart home product lineup this year that included the Echo Dot, Echo Dot 2, and Echo Dot 3, and also the Nest Cam and Nest Thermostat.

The Echo Dot 4, which was announced last year, was not available at launch, but it will eventually be available in 2017.