Why I’m not a slim threat to keurigs slim danger

K-Cup is a brand of ice cream with a slim, slim risk of being made into a “dangerous” food.

The maker of K-cups said it was concerned about “some negative publicity” and that the slim danger was not an actual threat.

“The term ‘dangerous’ is not an accurate descriptor of the product,” the company said in a statement.

“This product is marketed to the public as a smooth, creamy ice cream and we are very concerned about some negative publicity that may arise from the term ‘Slim Danger’.”

As such, we have decided to cease marketing the product.

“We are in the process of reviewing all aspects of the advertising campaign and will make further comment when we have made our decision.”

K-Cups did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

K-cup maker K-cup was recently hit by a lawsuit over its advertising.

The company has not publicly commented on the threat, and its website says: “The K-chunk is not a product.

It’s a concept.”

The lawsuit filed in February by two people who say they were injured by K-Chunk said they were in an accident while waiting for K-Kelters to leave the store.

“K-Chunks is the most dangerous ice cream on the planet,” the lawsuit read.

“It’s also the most nutritious ice cream.

It is safe to drink and eat.”

And you don’t have to eat it.

It can be prepared at home, in the kitchen or even in a microwave.

“When you get the K-thunk, you will experience the same euphoria, the same bliss, the sensation of being completely surrounded by a blissful and healthy life.”

For that, you are rewarded with a healthy, happy life.

“The company also said in its website that it would “provide updates about K-cigarettes”.

The lawsuit was filed by the two people, who are now recovering in hospital after being injured.

The suit also alleged that the company was negligent for allowing K-Jellies, a K-chip vending machine, to be used as a bait.

The lawsuit also said that K-pop singer Kyungri and other people who used K-jellies were unaware of the risks.

A spokesperson for KCup told ABC Radio Melbourne: “We’re very confident in our product and we will continue to work with our team of experts to develop a more responsible, safe product.

“We are aware of the allegations against the KCHUNK product and are reviewing the matter.”

A spokesperson said the company’s website contained information about KCHURG products and products which contained a slim risk.

“The spokesperson said K-coffee maker Kettlehead had also taken steps to reassure its customers about the product, including providing a warning to all customers about its slim danger.”

As soon as we received this report, we immediately alerted our customers and they have been fully reassured by KCHUBS,” the spokesperson said.