Slim Fit Gummies, a candy that slims down to a slim fit, will make its U.S. debut in September

NEW YORK (AP) Slim Fit, a slimming gum brand with a new candy, is getting its first U.K. launch in September, the latest of a slew of global launches that have included a Chinese version of a similar product, and the launch of a U.N. snack in Japan.

The U.F.C. announced the U.C.’s first global launch of the slim fit gum in February.

The U.P.C., the makers of Slim Fit and the slim slim Fit Snack, says it is the first in a series of international launches to target a niche market.

Slim Fit is a sugar-free and sugar-sweetened gum that contains ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables.

The products are popular in Asia.

The gum, which is sold as Slim Fit Slim, comes in different flavors, including a coconut and coconut milk.

The flavor is derived from coconut milk and coconut oil, the company says.

The slim fit brand was founded in 2009 in Britain and is based in Manchester, England.

The company’s marketing manager, Joanna Wethers, said the brand is targeting a niche of the health-conscious consumer who wants a sugar free, sugar sweetened snack.

She said Slim Fit Snacks would appeal to women who want to reduce their waistlines and increase their health, while providing them with a sugar and fat-free alternative.

The new Slim Fit products will be available at grocery stores and pharmacies starting Sept. 15.

A slim fit is defined as having a waistline of less than a standard size.

It can be a health or fitness challenge, Wetherstays marketing manager.