Sony’s PlayStation Vita Slim: Why It’s so great for gamers

What does it do for gamers?

It offers a lot of features, but none of them are exclusive to gaming.

There are some things gamers need, such as a large screen to watch movies and games, and a built-in music player that lets them listen to music from Spotify and Apple Music.

There’s also an NFC tag reader that lets you take advantage of PS VR.

But the Vita Slim is the perfect portable PC gaming device for anyone who likes a little more power and convenience, such that they can spend hours playing games.

The Vita Slim features a 3.5mm jack, which means it can connect to a PC and play games, too.

There is a microSD card slot, too, for storing extra content, and it can play games on its own without a cord.

But there’s more.

The Slim comes with two USB ports for connecting other peripherals, like a mouse, a headset, and headphones.

It also has an IR remote that lets users navigate the home screen.

That makes the Slim a great portable PC for those who want to play games with just a couple of cords.