When Slim Shady Tried to Sell the Slime Sam brand

By Sam LevinSlick Slime is a name that comes with a lot of baggage.

From the label’s origins in the early 1990s, the company has been associated with the infamous “slime” cocktail, a cocktail of vodka and lime juice that featured as a part of Slim Shag’s signature drinks.

The cocktail was famously described as “slimy and nasty” and a “slaughterhouse” that was “a joke on what a cocktail should be.”

Slick was once synonymous with the brand, with the iconic name and image being synonymous with “slick” and “slash” cocktail.

Now Slim Shaky is trying to change that.

The San Francisco-based company is attempting to make a splash with its new Slim Shacys, a new cocktail of lime juice, lemon juice and bitters.

The brand is trying the idea with a “slammin’ new cocktail,” according to a release from Slim Shacs website.

It’s an ambitious move for Slim Shack, which was once the focus of the New York-based beverage industry but is now shifting its focus to make its own cocktails and make cocktails that don’t have a reputation for being “salty.”

The new SlimShacys come in two flavors: Lime Sliced, which is a mix of lime and lime water; and Slim Shashade, which features a lime wedge.

They’ll retail for $5 and $10, respectively.

The “sliced” Slim Shacks are supposed to taste a lot like a Slick Slime, but they’re not actually the same drink, as they don’t feature the lime juice and lime wedge in the same bottle.

“The Slick Slim has been a part a long history of cocktails that are all about the combination of flavor and texture and texture in one drink, and the flavor and structure of the cocktail in a way that’s different from other cocktails,” said David Fung, executive vice president of marketing and sales for SlimShacs.

“The Slim Shachade is the cocktail that delivers all of that and is uniquely designed to be a cocktail that’s a pleasure to sip, a pleasure for people to enjoy and one that’s going to be shared with friends.”

The brand has been around for over 25 years, but it’s been in flux for years.

Slim Shakys were the product of the 1980s, and after that, the brand’s focus shifted to a new style of cocktails, one that incorporated the use of lime, and it eventually shifted to alcohol cocktails in the 1990s.