When the Switch is in your hand

In the past few weeks, we’ve had plenty of Switch games on our hands, some of them coming in handy, others a bit more to the point.

These games are all part of a new wave of Nintendo Switch titles we’re expecting to see coming out over the next couple of months.

One of the most exciting of these is a game called “Softail Slim” from Softail.

The premise is pretty simple: the title is an action-packed platformer that puts you in the shoes of the game’s protagonist.

While you can’t play it in single player, you can pick it up on Nintendo Switch and play as her.

You’ll be able to choose between her two main characters, as well as a variety of other characters from the game and the Nintendo Switch’s roster of friends and foes.

You can also customize your character’s face and hair to match your outfit, and you can also change your clothes and outfit to match the character’s.

When you’re done with the main quest, you’ll unlock a few extra chapters, where you can go on quests that will allow you to play as various characters.

The story is pretty straightforward, and while it does have a little bit of story to it, it’s still fairly simple and it feels fairly natural to me.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for a Switch player to get used to this level of difficulty, but it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to.

It’s definitely worth a look, especially as you get more and more familiar with the Switch’s controls and its unique feature set.

As a side note, I should note that this game is available for the Wii U and 3DS, but not the Nintendo 3DS XL.

This is a big deal to me as I haven’t owned either of these systems since the Wii, and as a Switch owner, I’m always looking for something that lets me enjoy both of them at the same time.

Softail Slim is available on Nintendo eShop for $9.99.