How the PS4 Slim and PS4 S are competing for gamers

The PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 S are the new gaming consoles, and they both have a lot in common.

Both are smaller than their predecessors, and both offer an extremely powerful and low-cost version of the PS3’s architecture.

They both are coming soon to the US and Canada.

But they have two very different ways of thinking about gaming.

The Slim and S are gaming consoles for those who love playing with the family and friends, and a few people who just want to play with the gadgets around them.

And the PS5 Slim and Sony’s new PS4 slim, on the other hand, are the worlds first gaming console to have both 4K video and a full PS4 app store.

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But each of them has a few different strengths and weaknesses, and the PS7 Slim is an excellent example of how you can both enjoy both of them simultaneously.

The PS7 slim is a great gaming console, and we can’t recommend it highly enough.

It has great gaming-related features and performance, and is well worth the money.

It comes with a ton of ports and accessories, as well as a huge selection of games.

But it’s the price that matters here, and you have to decide if you want to spend the extra money on a better gaming machine or an easier way to play PS4 games.

The specs on the PS6 Slim are also good.

It’s not a gaming console like the PS8 or PS10, but it has a lot of powerful gaming features and comes with some of the best gaming-focused apps available today.

But the PS10 Slim has a number of other interesting features that it can’t compete with.

The console’s price is about $200 more than the PS9 Slim, but the PS11 Slim is $150 cheaper than the PlayStation 10 Slim.

The slim is $300 more than a PS9.

And it comes with two more ports.

That makes the PS 11 slim about $400 cheaper than its PS11 predecessor.

We also like the fact that the PS12 Slim comes with an Xbox One X. The $500 Xbox OneX is more powerful than the Xbox One, but there’s a lot more it can do.

There’s an HDMI port and the ability to connect to an external display, but not much else.

The only thing it can play is Xbox One games.

If you’re looking for an extra $100, the PS13 Slim comes in at $450 more than it’s PS11.

And we like that it has HDMI-out, too.

The bottom line is that the price difference between the PS 12 Slim and PlayStation 13 Slim is pretty substantial, and it’s going to be very hard for a new buyer to resist.

The PlayStation 11 Slim is a gaming platform, but that’s not the only reason you should buy one of these devices.

The first thing you need to know is that there’s also a PS 12 or PS 13 Slim, and one is a smaller gaming console.

The larger PS12 comes with more ports and a smaller, thinner chassis.

The smaller PS13 comes with the same hardware, but weighs slightly less.

The Xbox One S is a lot like the Xbox one, with a much more powerful GPU and more RAM, and comes in a variety of different color schemes.

But that means it’s less than ideal for the price.

The more important thing to know about the PS 14 Slim is that it’s coming soon, and its $600 price tag is about twice as much as the PS 15 Slim.

You can get one for $800, or the other for $900.

Both come with more RAM and an HDMI out, but only the $700 model comes with Kinect.

Both also have 4K gaming, but Xbox One and PS14 are much better for it.

PS 14 is also much more affordable than the smaller PS 13, but you still need to get it to work.

If the PS14 Slim is going to have a competitive edge over the PS 13 and PS 12, it needs to be much better at gaming than the two smaller PS12s.

PS14 has more features than the other two consoles, but PS13 has more powerful hardware.

The difference between Xbox One or PS14 is only a few percent, and PS15 is more expensive than the bigger PS13.

The final piece of the puzzle is the PS15 Slim.

That’s right, the $600-plus PS15 comes with all of the same features as the smaller console, but instead of being a slim console, it’s a larger, slimmer console.

And, thanks to its smaller footprint, it can be played on both the PS2 and PS3.

It even has an extra HDMI port.

So, even if you don’t want to buy the larger PS13, the smaller one might be just what you need.

If your PS4 or PS5 doesn’t have a gaming rig that supports