Slime games: The Slim Balls are a new genre of platformer that can take advantage of the slimness of your thighs

The Slim Ball is a new platformer for the Nintendo 3DS and is currently in development.

The Slim Ball takes advantage of Nintendo 3D Vision hardware to allow players to bend, slide and bounce on their own.

You can also tap your feet together to launch yourself across a 3D landscape, or push your fingers together to move a character.

The Slim Balls can be played on their two sides, or by sliding on a platform attached to them.

This makes them easier to carry around with a hand, but it means that if you’re in the middle of a Slim Ball, you can’t simply grab onto it and keep going.

The slimness also means that the ball doesn’t bounce as far and as quickly, and can sometimes feel less stable.

The developers behind the Slim Balls have a number of ideas about how they want to take the game, but the main focus is the “bounce” feature.

When you tap your legs together, a light shaker is created, which lets you slide your legs into a small space, allowing you to bounce and move in the same direction.

The shaker has a small radius that makes it easy to hit and hit a solid object.

When you do this, you move the ball, which is reflected by the shaker.

The bounces bounce back to you, allowing for a quick “grabby” option for your play style.

There’s also a button to launch a character into the air, which will sometimes send them flying.

The controls are easy to learn, but there are some technical issues with the platforming elements.

When I played the game on a 3DS, I struggled with its movement and control.

The game’s physics were also not as responsive as I’d like, and sometimes it was hard to keep track of the direction I was going.

However, there’s still plenty to like about the game.

The Slimball is very playable, and has a number-one spot on the Indie Game of the Year list, which means it’s going to make a lot of money on the Nintendo eShop.