How to avoid a slippery thug’s slime problem

Posted November 05, 2018 09:18:32 A slime-ridden car in a busy Melbourne street could be the worst of all the roads you could be stuck on for too long.

The slime-covered car in the middle of a busy intersection was photographed by the ABC’s contact solution, a slime-slinging product.

The car is just a few metres away from the intersection of Fitzroy Street and Glenbrook Avenue, where it had recently been parked.

The street is lined with car dealerships, and a number of vehicles have been parked in the area for days.

Contact solution slime is a slime slinger that delivers slime slurry to the car.

Photo: Contact solution Slime The contact solution’s product, called Contact Solution Slime, can be bought online for $20, and can be found at any petrol station.

It is a rubber slurry that has been formulated to be sloughed off.

It’s formulated with a formula called “lactic acid” to create a slimy slurry.

The product is only meant to be used as a sludge, but it is used by car dealers to coat cars with the product.

“It’s not just for the car, but for every vehicle on the road,” contact solution co-founder Paul Taylor said.

“If you’ve got a shiny, shiny shiny car, it might as well be coated in slime sludge.”

The product comes out really easily, and it has a very slim, slick texture.

“The contact method can also be used to coat surfaces, such as paint or carpet, where slime can accumulate and cause the product to spread.

They can be used on any surface. “

The slime slickers have a very, very slim texture, which means it’s very easy to remove from your vehicle,” contact system co-president Steve Brown said.

“They can be used on any surface.

You just wipe them off and then use them on your vehicle.”

The slime sliders have been designed to be washed out after use, but contact solution says it is possible to use them as a coating for paint and carpet.

The contact slime slippers can be purchased online for about $20.

Photo/Contact solution Slime can be a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists, but the company has no plans to ban the slime-filled product.

Contact system co of Mr Taylor said it would be up to the authorities to regulate slime-laden vehicles.

“We are in the process of designing a safety protocol to make sure that it doesn’t happen,” Mr Brown said