Walkers razor slim and jesUS slim: New Zealand’s first slim razor

The Walkers Razor Slim and JESUS Slim, both available from March, are both made by the New Zealand-based maker of Slim JESUIS and the company is already making them.

They come in a slim, light grey plastic body and are available in three different styles: the “regular” version is a slim version of the razor with a longer handle, the “snub-nosed” version features a snub-neck and a shorter handle, and the “dummy” is a regular version with a slightly wider handle and shorter handle.

Both models are the first of their kind in New Zealand.

They are available at a range of stores and retailers including the local supermarket, but are also available online.

“Walkers Razor has made a huge commitment to creating the finest shave products available,” Walkers CEO David Poulton said.

“These new models are our latest in a line of slim and slim-friendly products that we are proud to be a part of.”

The slim-and-snub models have been available for a while.

The first one was launched in 2013, and a few years later, a slim-with-snout version was launched, but those didn’t last long, as they have been discontinued.

The slim versions are available on the Walkers website.

The Snub-Nosed version is available from April, while the dummy model is available in March.

Both are available for around $20 in stores.

Both have a “snug” design.

This means the razor is made to fit in the palm of your hand, and is narrower than a standard razor.

The Snub Nosed version has a narrower blade with a narrower tip.

It’s a nice shave for the money.

The razor is about 10mm wide and has a slightly longer handle than the normal size.