Why you should get slim jeans, says Slim Straight jeans brand

Slim Straight has been selling jeans in Japan since 2006 and has sold over 1.2 million pairs.

However, the brand says it will be expanding into Australia, with a new store set to open in Sydney’s west in August.

The company is targeting a demographic that it thinks is “very picky about jeans and they’re very keen on slim jeans”, Mr Jones said.

“They’re not looking for anything that’s a bit slim and they like the way they look and the quality of the construction, and they love the colour of the jeans,” he said.

“And they love to wear them.”

Slim Straight jeans have a cut-off in the waistband for a slim fit and are available in slim, medium, or large sizes.

The company said they were a good choice for anyone who is not a size 14.

Mr Jones said the brand’s focus was on “a very small group of people” in the western Australian market.

“We’re looking to start in Sydney in August and to expand to a further 20 cities by the end of 2018,” he told ABC Radio.

“So we’ll be opening in about a dozen major metropolitan areas by the time we have the next round of stores open.”

People are looking for things they can wear with jeans and a lot of them like slim jeans.

“They’ve had the chance to wear the jeans in the shop and they said they liked them.”

The slim jeans were designed by Japanese fashion designer, Masayoshi Yamaguchi.

Mr Jones says the brand was established in the 1980s, when a few customers would go into the Japanese shoe and denim industry to buy jeans.

He said the business was started by Japanese businessmen to sell slim denim jeans in China.

“Japanese businessmen from China were selling these jeans and the Japanese businessmen said ‘Hey, you know what?

This is a good idea, let’s sell this, let us make money out of it’,” he said