PS4 Slim 500GB PS4 Pro Bundle (PS4 Pro and PS4 X) available now

Google News – UK (UK), Thursday, 6 August 2017 17:00:07 – We’re now reporting on the PS4 and PS5 Slim 500 GB PS4 Pros and PS3 Slim 500gb PS3 Pros.

Sony has announced the PS5 Pro bundle, which includes the PS 4 Pro and the PS 5 Pro.

The PS4 pro is the best selling console of the PS lineup, while the PS3 Pro is the most popular of the consoles. 

The PS5 bundle includes the DualShock 4 and DualShock 5 controllers, as well as the optional PS4 SmartGlass HD, a pair of PlayStation Camera straps, and a PS Vita Case. 

The PS4s Slim bundle is priced at £379.99 for the PS Pro, £399.99 or £449.99 if you pre-order from Amazon.

There’s also the Dualshock 4 Pro, DualShock 3 Pro, PS4 DualShock Wireless Controller, PS Vita Camera Case, Dualshock Pro Controller and PS Vita Wireless Controller Bundle. 

All these PS4 accessories can be purchased from the PS Store. 

 As with all Sony devices, you’ll need an active internet connection for these purchases. 

As we said, you can also pre-buy these PS devices from Amazon for £399, but the prices may vary from region to region. 

These bundles come to you in a couple of days, and there are also bundles on offer for the PlayStation 4 Pro. 

We’ve also spotted a new batch of PS4 console bundles on sale on Amazon and the App Store.

Here’s the PSN store page for the latest PS4 bundles: This is not a complete list of PSN and App Store deals, and we’re currently unable to confirm whether these deals are being added. 

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Thanks to all of you who have bought PS4 consoles in the past week.

We hope to have the information you need for the new consoles in place soon, so stay tuned for more information on this new generation of consoles.