Super slim ball is ready to go for PlayStation 3, according to Nintendo

Nintendo announced today that it is working on a slim version of its Nintendo Switch console.

The new device, dubbed Super Slim, will be available for preorder starting tomorrow.

The device is powered by a single 8-core processor, which Nintendo said is able to run “nearly all applications and games.”

It’s compatible with most popular Nintendo Switch games, including Pokemon GO and Super Mario Odyssey.

It’s not the first Nintendo device to use a new processor for a slim platform.

Nintendo announced a slim handheld the Nintendo Switch Pro last year, and it also has a smaller version of the Switch.

The company said last year that it’s aiming for a smaller device than the Switch Pro, but the new Slim has a bigger screen.

Nintendo also unveiled a small but powerful device that uses the same processor and can run most games and apps.

That device is called the Nintendo NX Lite, and is available for $149.99.