Supreme Court to hear Taurus 769 lawsuit

Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Gujarat High Court to consider the issue of the Gujarat Police’s decision to charge an employee of a mobile phone firm for selling fake mobile phones on the black market.

The High Court had asked the court to examine the matter as a matter of urgency.

In February last year, the Gujarat police had registered a case against Taurus Ltd, a mobile telephone company, under Section 9 of the Indian Computer Act (ICA).

The charges related to selling fake phones in the city of Ahmedabad, in the north-eastern state of Gujarat.

Taurus has already filed a case before the Gujarat Supreme Court against the charge against its employees, alleging they were negligent in their duties and in contravention of their duties as employees of the company.

The company has also submitted a reply to the High Court seeking the court’s intervention in the matter.

In the case, the state government has alleged that Taurus employees sold fake mobile phone SIM cards in the market.

According to the police complaint, the accused sold SIM cards without the consent of the SIM card owners.

In a written reply, the company said it had not knowingly sold SIM card and other devices, but merely supplied SIM cards to the vendors in violation of the law.