Which of these are the best burgers in the world?

In the past year, many burger restaurants have gone through drastic changes and pivots to focus on the freshest ingredients.

But the trend isn’t limited to the U.S., and it seems that many other countries have embraced the same trend.

In a recent survey, The New York Times reported that restaurants in India and South Korea were making major changes to their menus in an effort to improve their food safety.

The Times reported the following:The New York Post reported that a Korean restaurant in Mumbai was closing its doors after two years and a change in management led to a “truly great” experience.

In a similar vein, a German restaurant in Vienna was closed in 2016 after two decades in business and now operates under a new owner.

Other examples include the following restaurants in the United States:Chop Shop (South Beach, Florida)The Chicken Shack (Chicago)McDonald’s (Chicago, Illinois)Mighty Mike’s (San Francisco)Katsu Burger (Austin, Texas)Auburn (Atlanta)Tasty Buddha’s (Los Angeles)Roxy’s Pizza (Austin)Kobe’s (Atlanta, Georgia)Noodles & Gravy (Atlanta and Seattle)Restaurant managers in the U