How to Get a Slim Fit with Candy Slick Licker Candy

We all know candy canes suck, but sometimes they can be downright sexy.

If you’re into candy caning, here’s how to get a slim fit without wearing a size 11 bra.

The trick?

You can just slip candy canies on your arms, legs, or thighs, which makes them look like you’re slimmer than you really are.

If that’s not sexy enough, there are some other options.

For example, if you want a slimmer fit, you can wear a pair of the slimmer Fitbit Flex or the Slim Fit 3, which have a silicone waistband.

But for most people, the Fitbit is a much more attractive option.

Or if you’re going for a more slim fit, a pair or two of the SlimFit Slim Fit is your best bet.

Or if you just don’t care about looking sexy, you could try the slim fit Slim Fit 2.

The fit is just a bit slimmer and comes with a bra.

But if you can’t find one with a silicone cup, you’ll need a bra size down.

That’s probably not going to cut it for you.

If your bra is too big, you might also want to consider the slim Fit 3.