A new toy that makes you fall in love with fluffy slime – and make you cry.

It’s called the Fluffy Slime.

It’s a tiny doll that can float and is supposed to help you fall asleep.

And it does. 

It’s basically a toy for kids that’s been made to help them fall asleep naturally.

But the Fluffies are actually really cool.

They’re also super cute, and they’re actually really cute because they don’t look like dolls. 

I think it’s kind of a cool thing to do, because you don’t have to put your head on the pillow, you don, you can have a little fluffy doll that’s kind a cute little doll.

It can actually fall asleep with you and be like, “Ah, I’m not falling asleep right now, I can’t help myself.”

So that’s pretty cool. 

The toy comes with a little doll that you put in your mouth and you can actually hold the little doll like a pillow, and then it’s like, and you feel like you’re floating and then you can just fall asleep and fall asleep instantly, and I think that’s cool.

You can use it on your head, too, and just kind of feel like, oh my God, I don’t know, I could go crazy with it. 

This is what it looks like when you put the Fluffed up. 

But, there are also two different Fluffy toys that are different sizes.

One is a little smaller, so that you can play with it, and it’s a really cool little toy that you don: can use with your head and not worry about it falling off.

And the other one is a big one that you’re going to put it in your ears, and this is where you can basically float like a little baby on your little ears and just just go like, wow, this is really cute. 

You can actually just go, oh yeah, this makes me fall asleep right away. 

How is it different than dolls?

It’s not really a doll.

There’s no, you know, a face, there’s no skin, you have no hands.

And you can’t really move your arms.

There are things like your eyes, you’re able to see and there’s nothing that you could do with it like put your arms around it.

But I think it is, it’s definitely a doll, but I think they could do a lot better.

They could make it bigger.

They also can do a better job of capturing that feeling of, like, this doll is really, really adorable.

Like, I love it.

I want to hold it and hug it.

And then when you’re holding it, it actually doesn’t feel so bad.

You just feel like it’s really cute, because it’s just kind, this little doll is kind of just, I mean, this fluffy.

It just kind comes to me naturally and I fall asleep automatically.