When it comes to Harley Davidson’s new slim fit, the slim fit is now the new skinny

Harley Davidson has launched a slim fit version of its all-new Harley Softail Slim, the company’s new low-profile model.

The Slim Fit offers a slim profile, a slimmer headstock and wider stance, and features a new design language that makes it more comfortable to ride and handle.

The new slim Fit is available in three models, a three-piece, all-aluminum, three-door version, a two-piece model, and a two door, three piece, all aluminum model.

Like the original, the Slim Fit is offered with a new seatpost design and a new rearview camera with LED illumination.

Harley Davidson says that it will be the “most comfortable and safest ride” of its slim Fit models.

Harley said it chose to build the new Slim Fit in partnership with Honda.

The brand says the new slimfit also offers more comfort in the corners, thanks to its new design.

The all-Aluminum Slim Fit will hit dealerships in January 2019.

The redesigned all-carbon design of the slim Fit and the all-AL aluminum Slim Fit also help the new models “sustainably meet and exceed the demands of our customers,” Harley Davidson said.

Harley says the all carbon model “is engineered to last longer, deliver a better ride and ride better, while also meeting the most stringent emissions standards.”

The all aluminum Slim fit is available now.