Locker room conversation about offensive line depth is more than locker room chatter

Locker rooms, as well as locker rooms, are the place that brings us the best and worst of all human beings.

So we have to be mindful of that when we talk about the locker room.

But when it comes to the offensive line, you have to remember that we have so many talented players.

That is why you see so many offensive linemen with big contracts and we have got to get the most out of them.

I would love to have more guys who can do it all.

But if it is not in the best interest of our football team to do that, I am not going to do it.

So I am just going to keep it focused on our football players and our coaches.

I think that’s what the locker rooms are for, that’s the place to be.

And that’s not what it’s about on the field.

It’s not about getting guys who are great on the football field.

I don’t think that that’s a place where we want to go.

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