Slim belt to become a staple of UFC’s roster

The UFC is getting ready to roll out a new lightweight belt and the most popular of them is going to be a slim belt.

In a tweet, UFC president Dana White confirmed that the UFC is developing a new heavyweight strap and the first one is going the way of the dodo.

“The UFC is working on a new strap for the lightweight division,” White tweeted on Friday.

“The new strap is called the ‘Slim Belt’ and it is a lightweight belt that will go into production this year.”

We will not release details on the strap at this time.

We will be releasing details in the near future.

“White was referring to the lightweight belt which is a two-punching heavyweight belt, a belt that is expected to debut in late June.

The UFC has been trying to promote the lightweight strap, which is already available to the public.

It is a bit of a mixed bag, with mixed results.

In April, the UFC unveiled the first official lightweight strap in the United States, a lightweight blue belt.

This was a nice nod to the UFC’s fans and fans of the sport, and it gave a little bit of the public some sense of what the belt might look like.

But it was short on details and didn’t even have the word “belt” in it.

It’s been a while since the UFC announced the lightweight blue-belt strap, but that was in July.

Then, in December, the belt was announced as the heavyweight blue belt and we’ve seen a couple of videos of the strap over the last few months.

The first one that was released was this one, which shows a couple fighters getting their belts, and then a couple more videos of them getting their straps.

The first one was released back in December.

The second one was done a month ago.

White has said that the lightweight and heavyweight strap are not going to go into full production until the spring, and he is likely referring to a pair of fights that are scheduled for the end of the year, including a lightweight title fight between Chael Sonnen and Anthony Johnson.

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