How slim’s San Francisco became the world’s most expensive city

Slim Pickens is an iconic suburb of San Francisco, the place where you find the best steak and lobster in the world.

Its proximity to the Bay Area means it’s a destination for the adventurous traveller.

But its also a place where a lot of people get their start, as Slim’s reputation is well-known in the tech industry.

Its founder, Slim Shady, has been involved in a lot more than startups and is known for his work with Facebook.

He’s also an active supporter of social media, and his Twitter feed has more than 5.8 million followers.

But his latest book, which has been described as a “curious and inspiring guide to living the life of the mind”, has caused quite a stir among the media.

And it’s led to the departure of some people from the city.

What’s the problem?

The book was first published in March and it’s currently out in paperback, but many people who were previously attracted to its eccentric vibe are now calling it “creepy”.

One Twitter user described the book as “a scary novel about how slimy people can be”.

“Its not a scary book.

Its a scary, creepy book.

People who don’t know much about me will still read it,” she wrote.

But many other people, including some of the people interviewed by The Independent, weren’t so sure about the book.

“Its about a lot bigger issues than Slim Pickins and the tech bubble,” one former employee said.

“People have been writing about it for years.

Its all been a distraction from the reality of how much people have lost.”

The story of the book also attracted some criticism on social media.

“I think people have been making it out to be this scary book about how people with money can live the life that they want, and then it turns out to actually be a story about how the world works,” one person wrote.

“It’s a bit like how The Hobbit movie series has become the new horror film series.

Everyone is afraid, everyone is desperate and people are really scared.”

In a statement, Slim Pickings publisher John O’Callaghan said that he believed that the book was a “compelling and entertaining read that offers an important glimpse into the lives of real people”.

He also said that his aim was to write a “fun, exciting, challenging book” that would give “every reader a unique and entertaining experience”.

But some people who have read the book say that its a bit of a let down.

“The book is actually about the real people that it portrays.

And if you have a family, that’s very much a part of your life too.

But the author doesn’t get into those people and I’m not sure he does either,” one wrote on Facebook.

“And he leaves out the most important aspects of real life.

If you’ve had a car accident, the author isn’t talking about that.

He leaves out your mental health.

He doesn’t even address what happens to the money after you’re out of the car.

Its about you and how you deal with that.”

But others, including people who actually worked at Slim Pickets, have been quick to respond.

“They’re trying to sell me a book about a life, and they’re telling me to get a life and go live a normal life and get the life I want,” said a former employee.

“No, I don’t want to live in a book.

I want a life that I can share with people, and that I’m happy with.

And I’m just so glad that the author does get into that.”