‘I can’t wait for the next day’: Slime man who died of COVID-19 is buried at sea

A man who spent his last days on a raft with a ‘coughing and vomiting’ sickness has been buried at SeaWorld’s Orlando theme park.

In a statement on Facebook, SeaWorld said it was “deeply saddened” to learn of the death of 32-year-old Travis Smith, who was among eight people who died at Sea World Orlando on Sunday.

SeaWorld said Smith’s death was a result of a “lack of oxygen” while on the raft.

Smith was on the ride at the time of his death.

“It is our deepest condolences to Travis Smith’s family and friends,” SeaWorld Orlando said.

It was unclear what caused Smith to lose oxygen.

After Smith fell from the raft, his wife, Katelyn Smith, and son, Caleb, jumped off the raft and rushed to shore.

Caleb Smith was pronounced dead on the scene, Sea World said.

SeaWorld, which has the world’s largest marine park in Orlando, said it had no further details about the cause of Smith’s demise.

The park added that Smith was a “loving father and grandfather” who was “a lifelong fan of all things sea animals”.

He was a member of SeaWorld Parks Orlando, SeaWest, SeaQuest Orlando and SeaWorld Animal Care Center, SeaLab, SeaLand and SeaLand Adventure.

He had a wife and two young children, SeaWolves said in a statement.

A memorial service for Smith will be held on Saturday at the SeaWorld theme park in Lakeland, Florida.

Travis Smith was 32 when he fell off a ride at SeaWaves Orlando theme parks.

He died from COVID.

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