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  • How slim slim is Slim and why is he still a star?

    Slim is a thin, slim, slim dude.His slim body has become a part of his iconic persona and has earned him a spot in the hearts of millions of men worldwide.But is Slim’s slimness actually healthy?That’s what we’ll take a look at in this week’s podcast.Read moreThe podcast: How slim is slim? What’s slim?Is slimming unhealthy?

  • Sony’s PlayStation Vita Slim: Why It’s so great for gamers

    What does it do for gamers?It offers a lot of features, but none of them are exclusive to gaming.There are some things gamers need, such as a large screen to watch movies and games, and a built-in music player that lets them listen to music from Spotify and Apple Music.There’s also an NFC tag reader […]

  • Which game has the best slimes?

    The most exciting and fun game on the planet is coming to PS3 in a special edition of Slim, but if you can’t wait, the game is getting an HD remake.Slim’s sequel, Slim Rash, is due to arrive on Xbox 360 and Xbox One later this year.The original Slim had the same gameplay as the […]

  • Why I want to buy a Slime Licker candy

    I don’t even know how to put it, but I’m totally into the Slime Lickers candy.It’s the kind of candy that I’d love to buy and get to eat on a daily basis, but also, that makes me smile every time I bite it.I love the way the sugar melts into the candy when I […]

  • How to Make a Slim Fast Shake

    It may seem like a challenge, but I bet you have a little bit of sludge.I know that the most popular brand of slime is called Slice Man, and it’s made of two main ingredients: cornstarch and a little salt.The cornstachio starch comes from corn, and the salt comes from saltwater.Cornstarch is just the base, […]

  • Why I’m not a slim threat to keurigs slim danger

    K-Cup is a brand of ice cream with a slim, slim risk of being made into a “dangerous” food.The maker of K-cups said it was concerned about “some negative publicity” and that the slim danger was not an actual threat.“The term ‘dangerous’ is not an accurate descriptor of the product,” the company said in a […]

  • to give $250,000 to Diy slime cleanup fund

    Diy, the slime-filled drink from McDonald’s, is making an appearance in the Amazon.The $250 million deal with Graco Slim will go to a charity of Amazon’s choosing.It’s a sign of how fast Amazon is transforming itself.Amazon bought Diy in 2015 for $1.5 billion.Diy is the company’s latest hit, and it is also the first to […]

  • Why the Slim Dunkin Slim fit is so popular

    Slim Fit Slim Fit is one of the newest styles in slim slim fit slim.It’s a very low rise cut that’s comfortable to wear.Slim Fit slim fit is the slim fit cut that most women prefer to wear, because it’s comfortable and doesn’t show too much of a waistline.It can be worn with jeans, trousers, […]

  • How to build a cave slimes shop in India

    A friend and I were discussing this game.We were talking about how the game would look like in India, how the caves would look, how people would react, how many different styles of caves would you be able to get, how much time you’d need, how to cook, etc. We then joked about how if […]

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