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  • How to Play PS2 Slim with Playstation 2 GameCube controller

    The Slim is a very small, compact, and cheap gaming console.If you’re one of those gamers who has bought games like Gears of War and Mass Effect, you’ve probably noticed that they can’t use the original GameCube controllers for the best of its capabilities.While there are a number of games that use the GameCube’s controllers […]

  • San Francisco Slim: New trailer reveals a new take on ‘Super Mario Bros.’

    San Francisco is not exactly known for its fast-paced arcade games, but the game known as Super Mario Bros. 2 has been making waves on the small town for years.A trailer from San Francisco’s new indie developer, Slim, showcases a fresh take on the beloved platformer and showcases how the developer hopes to keep fans […]

  • Slime on car crashes in New Brunswick

    On a recent morning in January, I drove along the southern coast of New Brunswick in a white Mercedes Benz.As the sun rose, the windshield wipers were blinking, the window sills were ruffled, and the steering wheel was on the edge of rolling white.But I was still thinking about the cars I had been driving […]

  • Which Slimmer Is Right for You?

    There are three types of slimming products available today.The first is a slimming cream that is typically made of cream that contains both water and sugar, but which also contains electrolytes.This type of product has been popular for years and has been shown to help slim women lose weight and prevent weight gain.The second type […]

  • What you need to know about the keto slim pill

    When a new supplement becomes available, there are always questions like, “Can I use it?” or, “Is it good for me?”Or, “How do I know if it works?”There are also questions like: Will it help my weight?Will it make me more active?Will I lose weight?And how long will it last?These are some of the questions […]

  • Why do you feel so fat? It’s your belly and the way you look at it

    The science behind why fatness is such a tricky topic.The most common explanation, for many, is that it’s because your body fat determines the size of your waist.But a new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that this is a stretch.The findings of the study suggest that while some women may […]

  • Which celebrity slim bougler is your fave?

    The next time you’re in a gym, check out the newest addition to your wardrobe.Whether it’s a slim bouchard, slim slime or slim bouller, we have your favorite skinny bodied celebs in our new “Slim Bouchard” poll.

  • How to get slim waist workout without getting slimmer

    The slimming trend is on its way.In a few short months, slimming is the newest trend to the fitness world, thanks to fitness app and fitness site, Fitbit.According to The New York Times, slim is “now the hottest fitness term on the internet.”Slim is gaining traction in the fitness community.In an interview with The Guardian, […]

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