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  • What you need to know about parakeet slime terrarium

    A terrarium that looks like a rainbow slime terrarium is on the way, but it’s not as simple as putting a sprinkling of slime in the water.Here are some of the biggest questions you might have about this product.1.How do you make it look like a real rainbow slimes terrarium?Rainbow slimes are a hardy species […]

  • Slim shady lyrics found in Egyptian god slime

    A slim shady lyrics in the Egyptian god of slime, Slimshady, were discovered in a tomb in the city of Khafre.The tomb was excavated by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities in 2018.“We discovered some strange and disturbing lyrics in Egyptian clay, a clay tablet, which are related to a god of sludge,” said Dr Ashish […]

  • How slim’s San Francisco became the world’s most expensive city

    Slim Pickens is an iconic suburb of San Francisco, the place where you find the best steak and lobster in the world.Its proximity to the Bay Area means it’s a destination for the adventurous traveller.But its also a place where a lot of people get their start, as Slim’s reputation is well-known in the tech […]

  • Slime is a slim console table

    I am very proud to announce Slime.Slime is the first slim console tabletop.It is a compact and ergonomic tabletop that is very versatile, has a very low weight and very slim design.The slim console is ideal for a small studio or a casual gamer, for which the Slim Fast is a great option.It’s an ergonomic […]

  • What to know about borax slime factory

    A slimy slime factory that is reportedly making and selling slime and other slime products has been in operation for about 20 years, but recently, its website is being taken down after it was discovered to be a scam site, according to BuzzFeed News.The website, called, is offering products and information that claim to […]

  • Slim belt to become a staple of UFC’s roster

    The UFC is getting ready to roll out a new lightweight belt and the most popular of them is going to be a slim belt.In a tweet, UFC president Dana White confirmed that the UFC is developing a new heavyweight strap and the first one is going the way of the dodo.“The UFC is working […]

  • How to find out if your face is slimming

    Slimmer faces have been found to be more susceptible to acne.It can be linked to the skin condition, but the exact cause is still unknown.A study in the Journal of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, published in October, looked at the role of the hormone estradiol (E2) in skin aging.Researchers used a facial-dermatology test, a form […]

  • A new toy that makes you fall in love with fluffy slime – and make you cry.

    It’s called the Fluffy Slime.It’s a tiny doll that can float and is supposed to help you fall asleep.And it does. It’s basically a toy for kids that’s been made to help them fall asleep naturally.But the Fluffies are actually really cool.They’re also super cute, and they’re actually really cute because they don’t look like dolls. I […]

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