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  • How to Get a Slim Fit with Candy Slick Licker Candy

    We all know candy canes suck, but sometimes they can be downright sexy.If you’re into candy caning, here’s how to get a slim fit without wearing a size 11 bra.The trick?You can just slip candy canies on your arms, legs, or thighs, which makes them look like you’re slimmer than you really are.If that’s not […]

  • How to watch the new SpongeBob SquarePants movie from the comfort of your living room

    The SpongeBob universe has been the stuff of movie dreams since 2005, when the animated cartoon debuted.Now that the SpongeBob films are being remastered and available to stream on Netflix and other streaming services, the internet is awash in SpongeBob-related memes, GIFs and videos.This week, The Washington D.C. bureau of The Washington Times analyzed a […]

  • Cheap slime can be as effective as drugs, study finds

    An effective form of cheap, cheap, expensive, cheap.It’s all the rage in some places, and its been found to be a cheap, affordable, cheap way to make sure you get the things you need.The most common ingredients in cheap slime are ammonia and acetone, and both can be used to make a strong and potent […]


    Slim belt’s Kawaii slime burger, pictured above, has been sold to a site for $20,000.A bottle of Slim Belt’s kawaii Slim Brunch burger, which is topped with pineapple, cucumber, pineapple, and mango, is shown above.Slim Brunch, which was introduced at this year’s Australian Beer Awards, will be available at the Barracuda Grill in Perth.Kawaii Slimes […]

  • When will I get my johanna slimes?

    The world is about to get a dose of johannas slim domi, the third instalment in her Prismatic Slime series.The new Slime is being released today on Steam, with a price tag of $9.99, with no pre-order options available.The game is being developed by The Team, a studio behind the popular Slime series and the […]

  • How to Lose the Fat: A Slim Leg Workout

    What’s it like to lose fat?You can lose it, but you also need to keep it on the ground, and that’s where slim leg workout comes in.We’ve talked a bit about it previously, but it’s not all about diet and exercise, and this slim leg routine is a fantastic way to keep your body in […]

  • Slime videos: Slimes videos – How to use a slimes filter

    A YouTube channel with a slime filter is the ideal way to take in the magic of slimes and the beauty of natural light.It is also easy to set up and watch.Here are a few of the best slimes videos on the internet.Slime filters are easy to use, easy to follow, and easy to learn.For […]

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