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  • How to slim your legs without losing your style

    I’ve been doing a lot of bodybuilding, so I figured I’d take the time to explain how to slim the legs without sacrificing the look of my legs.I know, I know.The only way to do this is to do it by doing it for a long time.That being said, I’ve noticed that my legs are […]

  • How to make a diy slime-covered burger, a friend tells me

    On Sunday morning, a man named John Smith went to the grocery store and bought two boxes of diy, a food made of cow intestines and sold in a jar.But he didn’t buy the most common form of diya — diy made with cow’s feces.He wanted a burger made with a cow’s fat.“You need something […]

  • How to shave with Slim Cycle: The Definitive Guide

    This guide will show you how to get the most out of your shaving cream, slime, and shave gel.From the best to the least-effective, it’s a must-have.We’ve also put together a handy checklist to help you make the most of your experience.Read full reviewSlim Cycle is a unique brand that specializes in shaving and body […]

  • How to make a fluffier slime recipe

    Fluffier, greasy slime is an ingredient that can be used in many recipes, but I have found that it has an unusual flavor that makes it appealing to some people.This is why it has been such a popular ingredient in my cookbook, The Fluffiest Ingredients in Cookbooks, published by Amazon.But what exactly is it and […]

  • Slim shady: Walmart slime with glue on it

    Slick shady is a name given to a kind of slim shady, a thinish dark brown slime found in the woods and deserts of northern New Mexico.The color can be used as a marker for hunters to look for animals.The name has become a meme, but a new study has found that some hunters use […]

  • Slime Toys and Christmas Trees Are a Christmas Story

    “Slime toys and Christmastime trees” have become a Christmas tradition in New Zealand.And with the holiday season starting just a few weeks away, many Kiwis have made their own creations.In a nation where more than a quarter of people have never been to a church, people have found a way to celebrate Christmas in their […]

  • ‘The Simpsons’ creator to join ‘South Park’ cast as ‘Super Snitch’ character

    The creators of the “The Simpsons” are coming on board to play a “Super Snick-like” character on the upcoming South Park comedy, Variety has learned.Matt Groening, the creator of the popular animated series, will join the cast of “South Park” as a snitch, according to a source familiar with the project.Groening will play “Snitch Simpson,” […]

  • China Slim: A ‘Slim Christmas Tree’ for You and Me

    Chinese slim tea is a tea made from a variety of herbs, including the aromatic Chinese slim.The slim tea was a hit at this year’s China Slim Tea Expo in Guangzhou, China.According to China Slim, the slim tea has the highest caffeine content of any tea in the world, at 3,700 mg.In addition to caffeine, […]

  • What is slime?

    This article is no longer available.This article was archived on June 20, 2018 and is no more.If you are interested in receiving the latest articles from, you can sign up here.

  • Which Egyptian God Slime Is Worse?

    The Egyptian god slime is a particularly ugly sight to behold, and we don’t blame the Egyptian people for their disgust at the sight of it.Egyptian gods have historically been quite bad-tempered, but they have generally managed to keep their temper in check, thanks to a number of factors.The god slime itself has the ability […]

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