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  • Which Pokemon are going to be the best?

    The Pokemon Company is going to release a new Pokemon game in 2018, which will be called “King Slime Terraria” and will be the first title from the franchise to be based on a real-world monster.It will be set in a new world, and players will be able to capture monsters, battle and collect Pokemon […]

  • Slimmer pickens, slime pictures from the Slimmer Pickens National Park

    The Slimmer Pool, a limestone pool on Slimmer Point off the coast of Pickens, South Wales, was once home to the Slimmers who once hunted down and ate the Slipper-eating fish.Now, the Slivers have gone the other way.The Slimmers have left the pool, but the pool is full of slime.A slim pickle is floating in […]

  • Trump: ‘The world’s not ready for a black president’

    The White House is using its biggest moment to make a plea for more diversity at the White House, while also laying out plans for a post-election effort to address institutional racism.“America will not be a perfect country, but it is a beacon of hope, a beacon to people everywhere that there is hope, that […]

  • Why Slim: Why You Should Buy a Gaming Console for $249.99 Now

    If you want a gaming console for less than $249, you’ll want to pick up a Slim.The slim console looks like a gaming tablet, but it’s a bit heavier than that.It’s about as portable as it gets.It also has a slim-looking design, and that’s what you’ll really care about.Slim is a gaming company that makes […]

  • How to hack cardo pack talk Slim

    A very simple cardo-pack talk Slim extension.You’ll need:  a terminal, like xterm or emacs or whatever, to open the extension in a terminal. an X terminal emulator like emacs, and some python libraries. Python bindings for the terminal emulator.A slim shell that opens the extension with a single command.An extension manager.A command to load the extension from […]

  • How to stop the Slime Destroyer from eating your PlayStation 2 Slim

    The game’s developers have been working on a slime rancher for a while now, and it’s finally here.Slime Destroyer will be released on the PS4 and PS Vita in September, and we’ve got a look at what’s new in this month’s Slime Destroyer update.First up, a few tweaks.The game is now running on a new, […]

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