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  • How to hack cardo pack talk Slim

    A very simple cardo-pack talk Slim extension.You’ll need:  a terminal, like xterm or emacs or whatever, to open the extension in a terminal. an X terminal emulator like emacs, and some python libraries. Python bindings for the terminal emulator.A slim shell that opens the extension with a single command.An extension manager.A command to load the extension from […]

  • How to stop the Slime Destroyer from eating your PlayStation 2 Slim

    The game’s developers have been working on a slime rancher for a while now, and it’s finally here.Slime Destroyer will be released on the PS4 and PS Vita in September, and we’ve got a look at what’s new in this month’s Slime Destroyer update.First up, a few tweaks.The game is now running on a new, […]

  • What is Slim, and why is it the next big thing?

    What is slim?The new slim device from Ebony is called Slim Thin, and it’s a slim device with a slim design.It has a 6.5mm thick screen that’s the same thickness as the iPad Pro.It also has an aluminum chassis that feels solid and heavy.Slim Thin also comes with a 10-hour battery, a fingerprint reader, and […]

  • Slim shady for life: ‘Slim shady forlife’ makes for an amazing cocktail

    By Michael Tutton, BBC News Magazine, December 20, 2017, 13:30:23What better way to celebrate the end of winter than to take a look at one of our favourite cocktail recipes?For a start, we’ve got the classic ‘shady’ version of the shabby, shaggy cocktail that is Slim shady.It’s a classic in itself – it’s a shag-based […]

  • How to fit into a slim fit suit

    It’s no secret that slim fits are not for everyone.In fact, they can cause a lot of discomfort.In a recent interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Slim Fit Ambassador James Gossard told the interviewer that “everyone wants to be skinny and fit”.“And that’s a huge mistake,” he said.Slim Fit is a new way of […]

  • Why cloud slime is a ‘dream come true’ for people who love it

    A cloud slime factory is a dream come true for people with a love of it.Key points: The factory produces slime that is used to make your own ‘snow’ for snowman decorationsThe factory is in Brisbane and has been operating for about four yearsThe factory employs around 1,000 peopleThe company is based in Queensland and […]

  • How to get your slim can cooler to run cooler, smarter

    Snoop slime is a great ice cream ice cream.It’s delicious, easy to make, and it has an amazing flavor.It can be made in a can or jar, and can also be frozen and thawed, but you’re going to need a cooler to chill it.And you’re probably going to want to make it in a cooler.The […]

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